Rice Powder Power Mask!

This DIY mask is not only simple to make, but also budget friendly!  Try it this weekend!

2 Tbsp Rice Flour

2 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Tsp Kukui Nut Oil/Sunflower Oil/Grape seed Oil/Jojoba Oil

lemonricemaskingSo before we begin!  Let me quickly explain the benefits of each glorious ingredient 🙂

Rice Powder or rice flour has been used in Asian countries for centuries due to it’s powerful antioxidant and lightening properties.  The powder also contains an awesome anti inflammatory  agent that promotes skin repair called allatoin.  Rice powder polishes, brightens and gently exfoliates, a triple threat!  🙂

Lemon Juice contains citric acid.  Citric acid acts as a gentle “peel” by removing the surface layer of dead skin cells.  It also brightens and smooths complexion.  Lemon juice also contains natural antibacterial properties that help treat existing acne, and prevents further break outs.  *If your skin is sensitive, I suggest using only 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of water.

Kukui Nut Oil is one of my favorite oils to use on the skin.  It penetrates easily and leaves the face feeling soft and silky.  Kukui Nut oil contains Vitamins A, C and E.  In Hawaii, hospitals use it to treat cancer patients suffering from radiation burns.  This oil also contains high concentrations of essential fatty acids that are necessary for healthy, vibrant skin.  *Feel free to substitute with Grape Seed, Jojoba, or Sunflower Oil.

Okay, let’s get this show on the road!  First, add the rice flour..

Easy does it kids!
Easy does it kids!

Next, squeeze in some lemon juice…

Just about 2 tsp or a little less!
Just about 2 tsp or a little less!

Now, we are going to add about 2 tsp of oil..like so…

Doing great :)
Doing great 🙂
Precision is key...just kidding :)
Precision is key…just kidding 🙂

Now mash this around…

And finally… apply to your face, avoiding eye area as well as nose and mouth… You should now look similar to this…

Ooh la la!
Ooh la la!

Leave Rice Powder Power Mask on for about 10-15 minutes, rinse, then moisturize!



My World Revolves Around These 5 Ingredients!

There are many MANY ingredients that I could spend ALL day blabbing about..trust me.  However, these 5 are my staples!  I use them in the treatment room, as well as at home.  I read about them, dream about them.  Ok you get it… 🙂

1. Aloe Vera

aloeveraplantsThe Ancient Egyptians referred to this beauty as the “Plant of Immortality.”  It contains plant steroids which help soothe and reduce inflammation.  It’s used for cuts, wounds, burns, abrasions, broken skin and much more. The cooling effect of the plant helps to regenerate new cells and aids in rebuilding damaged tissue.  Aloe Vera applied as a facial mask, removes dead skin cells and replenishes the skin with new ones, giving a radiant glow.

This is an accurate depiction of my feelings towards Aloe Vera.  True love.
This is an accurate depiction of my feelings towards Aloe Vera. True love.

2.  Calendula


True flower power!  Calendula has perhaps the longest history of use of any herb in skin care.  It has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.  This miracle herb is considered to be beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing.  Calendula contains powerful healing properties because of its high level of carotenoids (vitamin-A like compounds)

3. Kaolin Clay


Kaolin Clay is considered to be the purest and mildest of all the clays. It’s known for healing and absorbing properties.  It is extremely gentle and won’t over-dry or irritate the skin.  Kaolin Clay purifies, deeply cleanses, and refines the skin’s structure.  This fine powder contains essential nutrients and phytonutrients, and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

Kaolin Clay never looked so good!
Kaolin Clay never looked so good!

4. Papain (Papaya Enzyme)

papayaPapain is effective in renewing the skin and also lightens uneven complexion.  It functions as an exfoliator, softens skin and helps fight acne.  The fruit enzyme is packed with vitamins and antioxidants.  Papain breaks down inactive proteins and eliminates dead skin cells.  Apply the finely grounded paste of raw papaya for just 25 minutes. This will feed your skin with vital nutrients and help to reduce acne.

5. Raw Honey

raw honey

Raw honey contains loads of antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.  It is great for healing cuts and burns by killing bacteria and fungus.  Raw honey contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that brightens complexion and evens skins texture.  Honey is a powerful humectant that is able to attract and retain moisture without making the skin oily.

Dry Brushing….DO IT :)


Ok!  I know what you are thinking ladies (and gents)… Yet another task to add to your beauty routine! But listen up!  If this wasn’t a must , I  simply wouldn’t be chatting about it 🙂 AND it only takes a few minutes!

Why is it a must?  Dry brushing not only sloughs away dry dead skin cells, but it promotes healthy cell renewal, increases blood flow, and stimulates the lymphatic system.

How often must I do this, Abby?  Ideally…twice a day.  Once a day will also provide fabulous results.

How do I do it?

1. Purchase a natural bristle brush.  I currently use one with a long handle, so I can reach my back.

2.  Get Naked!  I stand in shower.

3. Starting at your feet, brush using long sweeping motions.  Always brush toward your heart.

4. Brush over areas several times, overlapping as you go.

5. When you are finished, jump in the shower! …if you are already there…turn on the water 🙂

Here is a video for those visual learners out there